harrison ohio marketing On February 14, we brought together four panelists who love helping small companies tell their story, find new customers, and grow their business. Here are some of their top tips for small business marketing.

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Bebe Kinnett
Owner, Absolute Web Designs

“Your website, combined with social media, helps you develop a relationship with your customers. Put your best foot forward to make an outstanding and long lasting impression.

“Creating a new website is similar to buying a car. All cars have four tires, a steering wheel and can get you from here to there, but there is a huge difference between a Mini-Cooper and a sports car. Examine what features you need in a website and dedicate enough resources to accomplish your goals.”


Sara Cullin
Copywriter and Social Media Specialist, Hubert Company

“Understanding who your prospects are is key to deciding which channels to advertise in, but also how you talk to them. Avoid spreading your time and marketing dollars thin by trying to do too much. Find out where you need to be advertising and focus on resonating with your audience.

“Google+ is an important platform for local business. I recommend attending our June 13 session to learn how to get the most out of Google.”


Brayton Deal
Owner, Iron House Studios

“When it comes to social media, remember to view it as a messaging platform in which you can let customers in on experiences they could never have on their own. It’s all about sharing stories and experiences that will build trust.”


Lori Enright
Senior Account Executive, Eagle Country 99.3

“Do not spread your marketing dollars too thin. If working with a limited budget, choose one local medium and fill that ‘cup’ until you own it. Once you start achieving a good ROI, then start filling another cup. Always give each medium the appropriate amount of time to work. Statistics show that is 52 weeks. I like to recommend this book to all small business owners: BrandsFormation: How to transform a good local business into a great local Brand by Chuck Mefford.”


Kamela Barrier
Industry Marketing Specialist, Clark, Schaefer Hackett

“Goals without a plan is just a dream!

“What does your best or ideal customer look like? Take stock in truly understanding this because more often than not, there is a very large gap in our perception versus the reality. Take the time to test, what you think you know. And, then put it to work for you. Understanding your customer profile can have a very positive impact on your bottom line.”


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