Ohio Representative Cindy Abrams (R, Harrison) asked the Chamber to help distribute this message to the business community.

April 30, 2020

A Note to Business Owners:

Cindy Abrams

Thank you for your strength and patience during these challenging times. I know it has not been easy,
especially on business owners and the self-employed. Please know that protecting life and keeping
people safe has been our top priority throughout this crisis. Some of these decisions may seem
counterintuitive to that when your livelihoods are negatively affected. We do not take that lightly. We
are in unchartered waters, and make decisions based on the information/data we receive. Please note
that this update is the most recent plan as of close of business on April 29th.

The social distancing IS working, looking at the data Ohio is “flattening the curve.” That is why I am
confident we will be able to begin a phased-in reopening our state beginning May 1, as Governor
DeWine has announced. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce agrees that this date will give businesses
time to prepare to reopen safely and successfully. Organizations such as NFIB, The Ohio Farm Bureau,
Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Townships Association, Ohio Bankers League, the Ohio Realtors, and
many others are all supportive of this phased in plan to get Ohio back to work and our economy up and running.

Speaker Householder created the OHIO 2020 Task Force to study ways the Ohio House can lay the
foundation for economic recovery. The Task Force will continue to work and receive input from our
local business owners until all of Ohio is open for business.

Governor DeWine announced five protocols for all businesses to implement to ensure the health and
safety of Ohioans as we begin to re-open. First, face coverings are required for employees unless
wearing a face covering is not advisable by a healthcare professional, goes against industry best
practices, or is not permitted by federal or state laws and regulations. While the State will not require
that customers entering retail establishments wear face coverings, wearing face coverings in public is
strongly recommended. Individual business owners can still choose to develop a business policy
requiring face coverings for customers to enter their facilities. Next, employers must conduct daily
health assessments of their employees to make sure they are “fit for duty.” Employees should also
conduct self-assessments and take appropriate precaution; stay home if they are not feeling well, if
they have a slight fever, etc.. As always, employers and employees should maintain good hygiene at all
times by washing hands frequently and keeping appropriate social distance of 6 feet. Continue to clean
and sanitize the workplace frequently throughout the day, and in-between and at the close of shifts.
Finally, businesses should limit capacity to meet social distancing guidelines by establishing a maximum
capacity of 50% of the fire code, and use appointment setting when possible.

With these practices in place, starting on May 1 all health procedures that do not require an overnight
stay in the hospital, veterinary practices, dental practices and doctors’ offices may return.
Manufacturing, distribution and construction will follow on May 4, then Consumer retail and services
May 12.

K-12 schools and daycares, Restaurants and bars, personal appearance/beauty services, older adult day
care services and senior centers, adult day support or vocational habilitation services in congregate
settings, rooming and boarding houses, and entertainment/recreation/gymnasium sites are to remain
closed until further notice.

For manufacturing, distribution, and construction industries, Governor DeWine along with the Ohio
Department of Health has issued more specific guidelines and mandatory practices to follow. Please
see the attached sheet.

For more information on re-opening our state, please visit:

Please contact my office at Rep29@OhioHouse.Gov or (614) 466-9091 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your help in Restarting Ohio!

Cindy Abrams
State Representative
Ohio House of Representatives District 29

Continued Closures
Manufacturing, Construction and Distribution