Below is an op/ed provided by the GHCC Board, published in The Harrison Press Oct. 11, 2017

Citizens of Greater Harrison:

During the past few months, we, as the Chamber of Commerce Board, have investigated the pros and cons of the Southwest Local Schools’ levy request. We listened to Superintendent Hamstra’s pitch and asked questions. We hosted a public forum to learn about and discuss the proposed tax levy and how it would be used. We have sought out opposition to the levy and weighed this side of the issue.

After thorough discussion, we, as a Board, have decided to Stand for Southwest. Our 11 board members feel this stance is in line with our mission to support growth and prosperity. Specifically:

  1. The quality of public schools, along with public safety, is critical to the efforts of the City and other local governments to attract good, solid businesses that will provide higher paying jobs for our citizens and bring more wealth to our community.
  2. In order to cultivate a good pool of potential employees for local business, we need to create the best means by which to attract and educate these individuals. Schools play a critical role.


It is hard enough to find good employees and attract good businesses, but a lack of investment in the core elements of our community makes it tougher. Harrison has so much to offer. If we are to grow, let’s grow in the best, most desirable way possible.

We acknowledge this stance does not necessarily reflect the views of individual members of the Chamber. We will continue to work with the City and local businesses to make our community the best it can be for everyone, including looking for ways to potentially ease the burden on those most impacted by this necessary investment.

The need is real and the alternative is not acceptable. We encourage the community to come together in supporting the outstanding efforts of the Southwest Local School District staff, who educated our children with the highest standards and expectations possible. They have made the commitment… it’s time we do the same.

Board of Directors, Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce