gary ellerhorst
Dear Greater Harrison Chamber Members,

As of December 31, I am completing my tenure as Chairman of the Board for the Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce. I will be remaining on the Board as a nominee to chair the Governmental Advocacy Committee and, if approved, will continue to work with Harrison’s Mayor, City Council and Economic Development Director to increase our cooperative efforts for the Greater Harrison business community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked to create this Chamber through its start up phase, as well as those who have worked with me through the “survival” phase over the past couple years. Thanks to the efforts of these dedicated volunteers, we have seen the organization gain critical traction and paved the way for a momentum-building 2017. Jim Kinnett, current Board Vice President, has volunteered to step into the Board President role, which provides us much-needed continuity. With the continued help of our very talented and dedicated Board, the future is bright for the Chamber.

I would like to thank the City of Harrison, the Mayor and Council for their overt support of the Chamber and its efforts. Together we can create the community we all aspire for Harrison to be.

And most importantly, I thank all those who supported the Chamber with your ongoing membership. Without you, all of this would be impossible. I ask that you strongly consider maintaining your membership if you have done so in the past, or making the decision to join us if you have not yet done so. These are exciting times and Harrison is poised for an exciting future…as long as we continue to work together for our common cause of making Harrison a great place to live, work and play.

Very Best Wishes for a Safe and Prosperous 2017.


Gary R. Ellerhorst

Immediate Past President

Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce